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I am currently the Director of Sales and Education at Firebrand Technologies. Before taking on that role, I was the owner and founder of eBook Architects, an industry-leading ebook development company. And before that I was the manager of the ebook development department at WORDsearch Bible Software.

When I was an ebook developer I gained a keen interest in finding the best ways to display Hebrew text online. In 2007 I wrote these two documents about that topic, and I have kept them here in this website in case others find them helpful.

Current Content

  • Unicode — An explanation of Unicode Character encoding and its relationship to the old ASCII encoding
  • Normalization for Biblical Hebrew — A discussion of the normalization routines for coding Biblical Hebrew in Unicode

photo of meThe various musings and kvetchings of a Torah-loving believer in Messiah. The Four Questions come from Shabbat 31a.