Podcast Recommendations

I have a very long list of book recommendations that I hope you’ll check out, and many of those are available as audiobooks, as well. As an added bonus, here is a list of podcasts and audio teachings that I highly recommend.

Let the Stones Speak: A podcast from the Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology. Their YouTube channel contains video versions of their podcast, which can be very useful depending on what they are talking about and showing.

Oki Dokimos: A Bible discussion podcast with two guys who I met on a tour in Israel. I joined them in Episodes 146 and 147.

The Apocalyptic Gospel Podcast explores the Gospel as a first-century Jew would have understood it. A conversation about the Gospel, the Kingdom of God, or the Day of the Lord in the first century would have evoked a body of ideas not immediately present with a simple word study of these terms.

Beth Immanuel: A Messianic synagogue in Wisconsin that has some really wonderful teaching series that will make you think. Here are a few I highly recommend, but they have more on their website:

Venture Church: The congregation my wife and I attend. In addition to the weekly sermon recordings, they also post episodes of Venture Unfiltered, an interview and discussion podcast led by two of the pastors.

5-Minute Daf Yomi: A daily podcast with insights and thoughts from the daily Talmud reading.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History: The best history podcast available.

Fall of Civilizations Podcast: A podcast that explores the collapse of different societies through history.

No Dumb Questions A podcast where a science guy from the deep south and a humanities guy from the wild west discuss deep questions with varying level of maturity.